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Saturday, September 07, 2019
Gajura Constantin's Blog
Sports have been around in the world since the beginning of time and they are actually responsible for uniting millions of people all over the world. Different sports have been used to identify different countries like for example when you hear of the term marathon, what possibly comes into your mind is the country Kenya and when you hear about football the country that probably comes to your mind is brazil.
Wednesday, June 06, 2018 • , UK
Healthy Wealthy & Wise
Every sportsman values the importance of keeping fit so as to stay on top of his game. Football players, most of all, follow regular training and fitness routines especially during the off-season. To keep the team ahead the players must train hard and follow the rules of sportsmanship.Let’s a look at the most successful British football club of all time,  which has over 200 supporter clubs in more than 50 different countries, and see how their players  have managed to stay on top.
Saturday, September 10, 2016 • Denver, CO 80204
Courtney Shelby's Blog
I am a football fan as much as the next person. College football is my sport and Michigan is my team (Go Blue) But the reality is that all the socializing that goes along with it can be detrimental to your health and waist line. So I don't do it. NFL and College Football are on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That is over 50% of the week. For many people each game involves a drink or two at home, a sports bar or at the stadium. Alcohol consumption of more than 1 serving, more than 1-2 per week will surely give you a gut, especially if you are drinking beer.
Monday, August 22, 2016 • Fredericksburg, VA 22405
All Things Well
Are you a fan of professional football? I am.  Preseason is nearly completed--and the 2019 season begins in a few short weeks!  This year consider getting up off that couch during the halftime and move your body.  You could rake a few leaves, go for a short walk, do some stretching, throw the football with someone(s).  And if you watch football on Sunday, Monday and Thursday...well you are already on your way to working out three times per week.   ...for your team schedule.
Sunday, December 14, 2014
Courtney Bryan's Blog aka Quote's Tales
This story I’m going to tell you is about the greatest high school athlete I’ve ever seen in my life. I understand that in the world we live in today it’s easy to get caught up in hyperbole and poetic license for effect. I assure you, I am being completely honest when I tell you this story about one of the most talented athletes I’ve ever seen. Now before people go on throwing out names like Bo Jackson and Randy Moss I’m limiting this statement to people I’ve actually been able to witness first hand and fully grasp their talent and ability.
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Courtney Bryan's Blog aka Quote's Tales
The journey from Lincoln High School to New Mexico State to the NFL was a crazy ride. The summer heading into college i just started lifting weights and had "bulked up" to a massive 5'9" 155 pounder. When that 17 year old showed up at NMSU completely raw without any hype or technique and was the laughing stock of everyone for being so small i never backed down or quit.
Sunday, October 26, 2014 • La Crosse, WI 54601
Jordan Rudolph's Blog
Happy Sunday morning!  Gonna be a great Sunday and it's already started with some football.  The Lions and Falcons are playing RIGHT NOW because they are over in England.  It is literally a full day of football.
Monday, April 14, 2014
Kristy Scheffenacker's Blog
I felt blessed to work with this amazing group of young athletes and show them how they can put in specific relevant work on the bike while giving their joints a break.  What an amazing experience and what a talented group of young female athletes.  I was shocked to see how many of these young girls already had ACL tears and they are still in High School!  We have to do a little better as porfessionals on educating not just the kids but the parents  about why cross-training is important for young athletes.
Saturday, April 05, 2014
Kristy Scheffenacker's Blog
Today we had the first actual RL52 Cycling sports specific session at Launch Sport Performance in Rockville, MD - Pre-Season Football Cycle! It was amazing to actually see football players on the bike in the cycling studio going through the sports specific sets, mimicing actual on-the-field work on the bike and listening to their feedback and reaction to this type of training.  Oh yeah and the bike moves from side to side - its not just your ordinary bike...but an amazing cross-training tool.