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Monday, July 23, 2018 • Atlanta, GA 30312
StimRx Blog
Trying to determine where to put your advertising budget as a gym owner or fitness instructor can be an overwhelming decision to make. Every form of media claims to be the most effective at generating that elusive return on your investment. And while there is no form of advertising thats "guaranteed" to get you new clients, digital marketing for gyms and fitness instructors is more likely to help you succeed than any other.
Saturday, January 09, 2016
Tekoa Geswein's Blog
Hello!2016 is the year I get CONNECTED to the world!  Launcing 2nd Wind CONNECTION has been an amazing experience.  I have found that many people just want to be led through their workouts.  They want the assurance that a well-balanced, intense, exciting workout is right there waiting for them.  Also, they enjoy the excitement of it always being something new and fresh.  Check it out on my website.  There are a few videos there to provide you with a clear picture of how it all
Thursday, April 09, 2015 • San Diego , CA 92108
The Healthy Life
Marketing, one of those things that can create confusion especially in our world of fitness. Here is what I think are some of the phrases we hear in fitness that may confuse consumers. We have all seen it from the words "toning" "lean" "weight loss" and the most infamous, "long lean muscles". Also "six pack abs" "bigger", "stronger", "shredded", and just get "jacked". I don't know if you noticed, but marketing words used as my examples definitely target specific genders.
Thursday, April 09, 2015 • San Diego , CA 92108
The Healthy Life
This post was inspired by April fools day.  It reminded about how many consumers buy the non sense created in media and advertising, and the people who push products which have no logical basis but to fill their wallets/purses. Yes, I'm talking to the person who has tried any "master cleanse", "detox", some type of quck weight loss scheme that sounds logical at the moment. Lets take a look at why you are probably reading this now. Cause it didn't work and probably looking for an answer why.
Saturday, June 21, 2014
Active Life, Active Mind
Check out my thumbtack profile! I'm really excited about using Thumbtack's awesome service. If you're interested in using a great and user friendly lead service, check it out!