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Friday, March 08, 2019 • Winfield, IL 60190
Functional Fitness- For Stronger Living
Hi! Thanks for the inquiry! The answer to "is this legit" is yes with an asterisk.  Thanks so much for asking. I am very informed on the keto diet, the keto zone diet (not as strict but all the benefit of burning more fat and controlling cravings), and other low to no carb diets. More importantly, I'm aware, physiologically speaking, of why they work and don't work for people and what actually causes the "keto flu". 
Monday, February 18, 2019 • San Francisco, CA 94111
Christina Shevchenko's Blog
The science is constantly developing. Each year we gain a better understanding of the intricate connection between nutrients and health. Today we know that caffeine’s effect is highly personalized and genetically predetermined.
Friday, December 21, 2018 • Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Maria Sogard Wellness
There's so much good that came by way of wellness trends and insights this past year.  So much promise and optimism surrounds the arena of health where finally self care is making a comback and people work to take control of their health to reach their goals. In the New Year, I see a few top trends set to emerge: 
Saturday, December 01, 2018 • Winfield, IL 60190
Functional Fitness- For Stronger Living
My daughter Zoe threw this at me not too long ago. Wowsers! This is what I preach to my clients every day!! I think she learned it at school. Perhaps evidence of taxes well spent. If you have a growth mindset you'll be open to new things which means you'll try. You'll be coachable which actually means that when you don't understand, agree with or necessarily want to do something, you'll listen to your coach and do it anyway. 
Sunday, November 04, 2018 • Dubai, Dubai
NLP for Weight Loss and Mind-Body Wellness
It's certainly not necessary for you, as a personal trainer, to add life coaching skills to your repertoire. Life coaching may be 100% irrelevant to the kind of work you're doing. Some personal trainers, however, have found significant inroads with clients and ways to expand their businesses by getting life coach training.Here are some examples. 
Friday, August 24, 2018 • Winfield, IL 60190
Functional Fitness- For Stronger Living
Hi friends! Did you know... People are different and so are their primary reasons for eating. Many folks eat because they are hungry.Groundbreaking news right? 
Monday, July 30, 2018 • North Canton, OH 44720