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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 • Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Total Immersion Swimming Coach Deb's Blog
How do they do it? What do you do to train for a multisport race??  Passing along valuable tips that I have learned over 30 years in competing in multi sport races is a refreshing experience. If you have participated in a  triathlon or are thinking of training for one you have been in that spot,,, how do I train for three sports at once? What do I wear? How do you find a bike? Can I learn to swim as an adult? Swimming in a lake???  Stay tuned to the answer to these and other burning questions! If you have any topics you would like to have answered, send me a note!
Tuesday, July 02, 2019 • Cadiz, KY 42211
THIS IS IMPORTANT - A friend of mine just lost her grandson, a construction worker, to heat stroke this past week, up north in Connecticut no less.  Pay attention to your body out there.  You've probably read about how to measure your fluid loss by recording your body weight before and after a workout.  This is certainly something you can do; I surmise however, if you are going to that level of detail, you are beyond the scope of this blog post.  You know when you get too hot.
Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Stuart clock's Blog
Running is frequently hailed as one of the best physical exercises you can use to get in shape, and for good reason. Running burns a lot of calories compared to other exercises, and engages most of the muscles in your body from the waist down (plus muscles in your core and back). On top of that, it comes with impressive cardiovascular benefits to keep your heart and lungs in good shape and can be done just about anywhere.
Friday, February 08, 2019 • Oxford, OH 45056
Healthful Advice
I wanted to write about how and why I personally got hooked on Spartan racing. I guess I can thank my husband for introducing me to it. It all started back in 2012 when we both decided to register for the race.  I didn’t know much about it other than it being a mud run- obstacle course race.  To me and my husband, it sounded like fun!  We trained up for it and when the day came, we completed the race and had an absolute blast!  There were mud and obstacles galore!
Tuesday, January 01, 2019 • Denton, TX 76201
Jim Rowe's Blog
I’ve gotten this question a few times over the years. So let me tell you about my first triathlon. The year was 2004. When I graduated from college (Go Norse!
Monday, December 17, 2018
Gajura Constantin's Blog
To get a good workout is all about focus and determination. It does not matter if you are exercising, biking, running, or merely lifting to push yourself and set a personal record, you need to have those two things.One of the best ways to do that is to listen to music while exercising. A lot of athletes use mp3 players to listen to preferred tunes to help them get psyched up and ready to work their butts off. Sad to say, one of the side effects of a good workout ethic is sweating, and that tends to make your earbud slip.
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 • American Fork, UT 84003
Monday, June 11, 2018 • Hyattsville, MD 20782
The Bio Mechanic
For the past 9 months, practically everyone who knows even the tiniest bit about me has been asking what I'm training for these days (because even the most casual acquaintance knows I'm a training/racing freak). Until last week the answer has been: nothing. To most triathletes, this means I've had nothing to live for! It is a weird answer for me to give considering that for the past 10 years I have trained for and completed in multiple races per year. So how did I decide that NOT racing was a good idea?