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Monday, February 04, 2019 • Jefferson, LA 70121
Catherine Bares' Blog
Sleep is an important part of recovery when training.  Falling asleep has always been a struggle for me, so I did some research on setting myself up for success to get a good nights sleep. Did you know that your room atmosphere can set you up for better sleep, or even sabotage it? According to an article I came across in the July/August 2018 issue of Health Magazine, you can "set yourself up for snoozing success by arranging the most restful room possible."
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Rebecca Fossett's Blog
Are you suffering from lack of sleep?And are you searching for various methods that could improve your sleep?Fine, have you ever thought of installing a humidifier in your home? Yes, even many doctors prescribe using a humidifier to improve the sleep quality. Generally, dry air is not good for the human body and also as the winters season approach, the humidity levels drop to 10 to 25% which leads to many health issues.
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Stuart clock's Blog
Sleeping is indispensable since it takes up a third of your entire life. If you want to live correctly, you should have a night of adequate sleep. Unlike the eyes, the ears are always on standby since they do not have lids. Unusual sounds will trigger unconscious physiological reactions during your night’s rest. As a result, this will disrupt the quality of your sleep. Wearing earplugs is the best solution to this problem. Spending a whole night without any noise pollution will provide you with significant health benefits in the short and long run.
Friday, January 04, 2019 • SAN DIEGO, CA 92103
GREGinSD's Fitness & Massage Blog
Sleeping naked can help calm anxietyIf you're sleeping with someone, that is.
Monday, December 03, 2018
Stuart clock's Blog
Falling asleep may seem an easy thing for most people. It is not always easy for everyone. There are many people who struggle to fall asleep either due to their routines or habits that make it a huge task.
Tuesday, May 08, 2018 • Winfield, IL 60190
Functional Fitness- For Stronger Living
You are already doing well... That's great! Just remember that one size doesn't always fit all. Have fun with it and modify as you see fit.  Also, if you ever have any specific questions about your routine or how to optimize your use of the machines, free weights, or core exercises, let me know.  
Friday, May 04, 2018 • Winfield, IL 60190
Functional Fitness- For Stronger Living
So, I'm a little bit of a podcast junky. I like finding and staying in-tune with the leading health concerns of our day.
Monday, March 26, 2018 • American Fork, UT 84003
IdeaFit Blog
When it comes to working out, it’s easy to assume that more is better. After all, the more time you spend in the gym, the more opportunities you have to lose weight, build muscle, and stay in shape. But did you know that too much exercise is actually bad for you? Your body needs rest in order to thrive. Why Rest and Recovery Matters