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Friday, March 27, 2020
Jacqueline's Blog
Surviving and conquering the Corona Virus Threat and reversal of the effects of Covid-19 after surviving the disease.
Sunday, December 31, 2017
Webcognita Fitness Blog
Just informed today (2017 New Years Eve) that I am the first Arizona American Council on
Tuesday, August 16, 2016 • Washington, DC 20016
"Your Body, Your Move!" A Blog from Move Well Fitness, LLC.
Online personal training, is it worth your time and money? Well, many people call it the next frontier of fitness. And some think otherwise.
Thursday, February 26, 2015 • Ontario, CA 91764
Bethany's Blog
I am working with a few clients who have never done a 5k before. The beauty of working with people is that they all have different personalities. One of my clients was nervous to try a 5k, but said he wanted to give it a shot and his only goal was to finish. His first short term goal when we started together was to run 3 miles in 30 minutes...he finished his first 5k in 28 minutes! He is hooked and now wants to run a 10k and a half marathon eventually! I have a different client who doesn't like big crowds because they make her anxious and isn't a fan of having attention on her.
Sunday, July 06, 2014 • Lakewood, CO 80227-4797
Robbin Lorenz's Blog
Virtual Training: provides much more freedom and is becoming an extremely popular option for those wanting the guidance and support of a personal trainer, but who also live very hectic lifestyles. With online virtual training you are not required to meet me at the gym at a specific time each week. Perhaps you don’t even like to go to the gym or perhaps you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home. No worries! I will design a program specifically for you, based on your goals, wants, and needs.