False Advertising!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013 • Denver, CO 80222

Lately you have probably been seeing a commercial by Dr. Scholls where a personal trainer is promoting shoe inserts that solve the problem of shin splints and other issues.

This is complete false advertising! A shoe insert can not correct a musculature issue. The lower leg and foot issues are from overactive or under active muscles which need to be corrected by strengthening and stretching exercises. In regards to shin splints it is a combination of overactive muscles and under developed muscles, which are typically engaged by running on different surfaces causing unused muscles to activate and overactive muscles to take over and apply pressure to the tibia. When the pressure is placed on the tibia it causes minor hairline cracks if the issue is not addressed when you first notice the pain.

Wearing a different shoe insert will not correct this issue! Please do not listen to Trainers that sell out to make a buck.