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Stay strong and independent during the Corona threat

Essential Balance and Mobility Home is like the original program developed by Jacqueline Sinke. Essential Balance and Mobility includes components of the FallProof Program program to help optimize strength, balance and mobility among older adults. Exercises are suitable for older adults experiencing a change in balance, have experienced a fall, or are at risk for falling, have difficulty walking, or needing a walking aid such as a cane or walker, returning from a long illness (such as bed rest or hospitalization), for individuals with hip and knee replacements, amputations, Parkinson's, stroke, osteoporosis, history of falling and other medical or orthopedic conditions affecting mobility. Because this is a virtual class that older adults can participate while at home, each participant needs to make sure that exercise is safe. Participants are advised that you contact your healthcare provider prior to exercise participation to make sure it is safe to exercise.

Available every Tue/Thu 3-4PM and accessible through Zoom.us video conferencing.
Please contact Jacqueline to register at info@fitnessandfunction.com
Phone: 503-267-1030
Class starts March 31, 2020 and continues as long as I am able to and is requested by its participants.
Cost 2.00 per class
Jacqueline@fitnessandfunction.com contact information
Participate with or without exercise equipment.

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What We Supply
Things To BringWhen available bring ball, hand weights, flat resistive band and ankle weights
Instructor(s)Jacqueline Sinke
HostJacqueline Sinke

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