5 Steps for Goal Setting

by julia broome


Embrace the part of you that resists exercise. 5 simple steps to get your head space in order to carry out health/fitness goals.

About the Presenter

julia broome

julia broome IDEA Author/Presenter

My name is Julia Broome; I have over 10 years experience in personal training. I am a women's health/fitness coach and specialize in training women who are looking to become pregnant in the near future, who are pregnant, or who are postpartum. In participating in regular exercise, there are numerous benefits to both mom and baby. Women who exercise have stronger babies, bounce back faster after delivery, and gain less weight while pregnant. It is ok to begin exercising while pregnant even if you haven't exercised before as long as you get the approval from your doctor. I am very passionate about working with women who are pregnant because of the lasting effects exercise has on both you and your child. I lost a parent at a young age to heart disease so it is important for me to get the word out there to as many parents as possible.