FitnessFlux Teaser

by Royce Claflin


A trailer of my youtube channel. Plenty of material on there, and plenty to come!

About the Presenter

Royce Claflin

Royce Claflin IDEA Author/Presenter

I fell in love with fitness at a young age, and can remember starting a fitness regimen as early as age 12. I was also an athlete growing up, playing baseball and sprinting for the track team. After High School, I decided to devote myself to fitness. By age 20, I had already competed in a powerlifting show and a bodybuilding show, and found a love for competition. I have since won both powerlifting and bodybuilding shows. I have also overcome some major injuries, and I have a ton of hands on experience. I love what I do, my focus is form and variety, and I will push you and we will have fun in the process! I work with all age groups and all fitness levels from beginners to athletes. Whatever your goal may be, I will find you a way! I have been a personal trainer for 9 years, and I have 18 years of exercise experience and knowledge that I cannot wait to share with you!