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by Michelle Berger


upper body workout

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Michelle  Berger

Michelle Berger IDEA Author/Presenter

HI! My name is Michelle Berger....I am lovingly referred to as BuffMother! by my family, friends, clients and fellow teammates. I say teammates because I am the leader of a large team of women (10000+ ) called TEAM BuffMother! A little over 12 years ago ...I started a website: www.BuffMother.com . At that time I hardly knew how to turn on a computer much less design a website, but through sheer determination and a lot of trial an error, I was able to put together a decent website all by myself!!! My main mission was to share my rally cry, "You CAN be buff after having children!!" How did I know? I was living proof!! My body had been ravaged by having 4 kids in 4 years, including twins via a c-section, yet 1 year later I was able to win 5 NPC figure competition titles! I had discovered that having a MOMMY body was a LIE!! I had my best body EVER after having kids and I wanted every woman in the world to know what I knew. I wanted to give women hope! I'm also an author of 2 books: "Hormonal Timing" and "After Baby ABS". You can find them on amazon or on my site www.BuffMother.com