Total Body & Leg Exercises

by Renee Schoen

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Here are some great additions to your workout! Total body exercises when you're short on time and Leg exercises you can do anywhere.

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About the Presenter

Renee Schoen

Renee Schoen IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi everyone! My name is Renee and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. My passion is in fitness and health and teaching clients how to achieve their health goals to maintain for life rather than short term. I like bringing people to limits they did not know they had and get them on the road to living a healthy life and making the changes necessary to achieve their goals; especially with nutrition and learning a healthy lifestyle through eating. I have been living, learning, and working out hard myself for the past 20+ years; since my mother died of cancer at age 58 and I was just 21 years old. Her death had a great impact on me and from then on, I have been educating myself over the years about proper nutrition and learning what being healthy is really about. I love working out, feeling strong, lifting weights and seeing results! I have competed in four figure competitions since 2006, as a personal goal for myself. In my first competition I took first place in each Height and Masters class and won Overall Champion! It was a long journey to get there and took a lot of hard work and dedication; but just accomplishing that and getting on stage was an amazing feeling. I have two daughters, and I strive to teach them that you can accomplish any goals you set your mind to. I am an active person outside of the gym as well, especially in the summer; I like to bike, rollerblade, walk, and just be outdoors. I love to read to and get lost in a book in my spare time; and I find it soothing to listen to various types of music, meditate and journal and take time for me. You only have one life/one body....take care of it!