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HI, I am looking for feedback for on-line scheduling software for my training business and classes.

12 Answers | Asked by Stacy Rae Mednick on Jan 14, 2014

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jan 21, 2014

Amstatz, mindbody, and trainerize are a few! Good luck!

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I'm planning on going on Maternity leave with my first child in May. What have others done in regards to covering clients?

7 Answers | Asked by Jessica Barragan on Jan 22, 2013

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jan 23, 2013

Congratulations mommy to be!!! What an inspiration you are to many women! Training while pregnant is admirable. If this is your first time having a baby, you may need to see what will happen. I always have Plan- A- B & -C......Thankfully, my plan A worked with the second child & plan B worked with...

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Beachbody Coach

2 Answers | Asked by Mario Frate on Jan 23, 2013

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jan 23, 2013

Already a coach!! :) Great products !

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Senior Fitness Certification, which course is better, ISSA or NESTA?

7 Answers | Asked by Mary Ann Stark on Sep 02, 2011

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Feb 09, 2012

I have an ISSA certification in Personal Training and thought it was great! I've learned so much and really like how they offer help & quizzes.

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i want to do plate course from ISSA , what are the requirements nd how can i apply

2 Answers | Asked by sandhya sadana on Feb 08, 2012

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Feb 09, 2012

I loved ISSA personal training course! I don't think they offer a Pilates course though. Stott Pilates is a good place for it, as mentioned by Karin!

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Do you feel shows like the Biggest Loser make our job easier or harder?

20 Answers | Asked by Scott Garan on Nov 15, 2011

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jan 26, 2012

Harder for sure! The reason being is after watching these shows, they seem to set unrealistic goals. When they don't achieve them, you get the blame. No matter how hard you try to bring them back to a more realistic goal, they tend to believe what is on TV.

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How long would you stick to a routine if a client sees you 3x per week and what is your program design?

13 Answers | Asked by Jonathan Amos on Jun 06, 2011

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jun 07, 2011

VARIETY!!! Once they understand the basic movements, change it up and do something different but yet still use the same muscle groups!

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How much fiber should I tell my clients they should get every day?

12 Answers | Asked by Patricia Long on May 12, 2011

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jun 02, 2011

Great job at pushing the fiber intake! So many people fail to intake the minimum amount. Nutrition is a touchy subject for us trainers. Some trainers do not even "go there".... For me, I tell them I'm not a nutritionist and refer them to one if need be. If they have basic questions about caloric...

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Pain in shoulder/upper trapezius by symptoms. Docs either deny it or consider as cervical. Can't remember things. what to do?

10 Answers | Asked by Sana Rana on May 30, 2011

Answered by Adrienne Vose on Jun 01, 2011

I'm sorry you are dealing with such pain. I agree with Karin on how this is out of our scope of practice. I would be specific with the doctor and let them know your memory is going! Be persistant, it's your body! Also let him/her know if you are currently doing anything repetitive that would cause t...

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