Do you need to unplug?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 • Boise, ID 83703

            Do you remember the days when you needed to send a letter to a friend in order to correspond?  How good it felt to open up the envelope?  Now a days, our postal service is in peril because nobody wants to take the time to send those messages.    Caroline Myss, a brilliant medical intuitive and author, says we are trying to remove time and space.  Letters, only a few years ago, needed both time and space to reach their intended targets.  "In the absence of this time and space, all changes become immediate" and due to this change we can see increasing illnesses as a result of this time/space distortion.  There is a rise in anxiety, and stress related conditions, as our world becomes increasingly interconnected and intimate.  Now decisions made across the globe can have an immediate impact on us.  This loss of control and sense of groundlessness creates turmoil in all dimensions of self.  Another way to grasp this concept is to say, we have become 100% accessible to everyone, at all times.  This is major contributor to living such stressful lives. 

            With the advent of Blackberries and I Phones,  we can receive instant messages anywhere, in any time.  Monetary transactions, correspondence across the globe can happen in the blink of an eye. I used to think that this was an amazing feat, having the ability to send information instantaneously, but it has some serious drawbacks.   We are never off-call.  We feel this almost compulsive need to check our emails, and facebook pages multiple times as day. Just in case the world is changing around us and we need to know what is happening when we are not watching.   Has this technology made us smarter, healthier, or more connected?

         I would argue that it makes us less connected and greatly adds to our stress levels.  We are not meant to be accessible at all times.  Carlos Castaneda wrote in Journey to Ixlan "You must retrieve yourself from the middle of a trafficked way.  Your whole being is there…being in the middle of the road means that everyone passing you by watches your coming and goings". "To be unavailable means that you deliberately avoid exhausting yourself and others".   I think that we are spiritually, mentally and emotionally exhausting ourselves by being constantly accessible.  We are not saving anything to maintain our own level of personal power.  When we are plugged in, we are allowing others to draw energy from your personal reserves.  Think of power in terms of your health, when are you taking the time to build those reserves back up?

        So what do we do?  We need to compartmentalize our time.  Turn your phones/computers off at least part of everyday, so you can engage in the present moment.  Restore your own reserves by spending time in solitude.  So many of us think that we have to be available in every moment, but this is exhausting to all involved.  No one individual is that important.  The world is not going to fall apart if you unplug for awhile.  Separate your work from your family.  Don't try to do them at the same time, they both will suffer.  Mindfulness is about being present, there is healing in this moment.  Learn how to create a calm mind; this will create a calm body. 

Angela Levesque is an exercise physiologist, mind/body educator and energy healer.  She hosts a weekly online radio show called On Health & Healing on  Visit for more information.