The recap 'tests: forget the crisis!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today the summary of tests focuses on four products whose price starts around the 300 euros. Of high-quality components, including a tubular housing In Win signed an ASUS micro ATX wholesale computer motherboards with LGA 2011, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 and a signed 1920 GB SSD Nothing less!

Have you always dreamed of having a housing resembling a generator? You swear by the color orange? Maybe you should take a look at D-Frame with In Win, a fully open which has the particularity to be designed with a tubular structure.
In Win D-Frame: Wife Acceptance Factor close to zero ... see negative

However, you will need patience and a good screwdriver before installing your configuration in the D-Frame since it comes as a kit. If you do you are never left your toys Meccano as a child, seriously consider switching to something else before the 22 pages of the instruction manual does not discourage you.
If you are brave, you can then take advantage of this chassis can accommodate three 3.5-inch hard drives, optical drive and an ATX motherboard. D-Frame is $ 399 and sold its production is limited to 500 copies. To discover the test is at TechPowerUp it happens

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 OC Windforce 3X three fans are better than one?

Among farmers Cowcotland is a graphics card that is upscale in the spotlight: the GeForce GTX 670 OC Windforce 3X from Gigabyte. As its name suggests, its cooling system consists of three fans and an aluminum heatsink with three copper heat pipes of 8 mm in diameter.
This system allows the manufacturer to offer a modest factory overclocking the GPU from 915 MHz to 980 MHz, and 980-1059 MHz via GPU Boost. 2 GB of GDDR5 remain meanwhile clocked at 1502 MHz. That translates it by a significant gain in performance for this card merchant from 330 €? Response immediately

ASUS Rampage IV Gene: X79 platform miniature version

Side at Tech Kings is a motherboard that is the subject of attention. Micro ATX format, it is still capable of withstanding the most powerful processors from Intel that take place on the LGA 2011.
Despite its small size, the Rampage IV Gene has a rich connectivity with seven S-ATA ports, four standard 6 Gb / s, four USB 3.0, two in front, twelve USB 2.0, one eSATA 3 Gb / s and a network port from Intel. Its side, it will take on a chip integrated SupremeFX III. Available from € 282.80, this motherboard does it serve as a reference for players lack of space? Is to discover without delay

Solidata 1920th K8: SSD almost 2 TB 2.5-inch format

Finally let's look at our colleagues from The SSD Review SSD who tested that, despite its small size, is able to accommodate an impressive amount of data: the 1920th of K8 in Solidata. It actually consists of four 512 GB SSD, driven by both controllers SandForce SF-1222, all on one PCB allowing him to keep a 2.5 inch, and a S-ATA interface ... 3 Gb / s.
Announced with a capacity of 1920 GB (1788 GB after formatting) the SSD is no different especially with its performance. Indeed, the manufacturer of flow in reading and writing quite low, speaking of respectively 230 MB / s and 200 MB / s. The random playback of 4K is the rate of 6,000 IOPS only.
Last detail ... if the manufacturer has not yet fixed the price of this SSD,buy asus motherboard , it has already announced that gravitate around $ 5000, a little less than $ 2 per GB