Powerful Handheld Mobile Phone GPS LoJack Signal Blocker

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Do you have the trouble to find a signal jamming device that can cut off the mobile phone signals, the GPS signals and the LoJack signal? Perhaps that you find that gain a desktop jammer like this is easy and find one that with the portable design and you can easy take it to the place that you want to is really hard. In fact such kind of goal is really not hard now and you can easily gain the advanced mobile phone GPS LoJack signal blocker here now. So just seize the opportunity here.

Gain the handheld GPS LoJack phone jammer is not a dream now and it has come true and just have a look at this “3W Handheld Style Cellphone LoJack GPS Signal Jammer”, which can just meet with your requirements, and this handheld style signal jammer is projected with the ability of blocking the signals of the mobile phone signals as CDMA/GSM DCS/PCS 3G and the GPSL1 signals at the same time, besides it also possesses the ability to blocking the signals of the LoJack as well. Moreover although this is a handheld jammer device the jamming effect of it is also powerful since it can block the signals within up to 20 meters based on the signal strength in the given area. Thus external Omni-directional antennas have been applied on this device and all the TX frequency covered down link only and will cause no effect to the base station at all. And when using the car charger you can easily use this handheld signal blocker in the car easily.

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