Why Some Powerful Mobile Phone Jammer Can Protect You from Bomb?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We know that we can use the mobile phone jammers to cut off the mobile phone signals and then living in the condition without the noises of the mobile phone calls. But do you know that for some powerful mobile phone jammers they can also protect people from bomb and protect their life? Here you will see the real example.

In some countries there are a lot of bombs and you will never know when and where it will happen such as in places such as Libya, there are also a lot of bombs and people’s life are risking then as the bombs may have the attention that being installed under the seat of the car and so many other places. Of course you will wondering why the portable high power phone jammer can help you in such kind of condition, this is all because of that some bombs are controlled by the mobile phones and if protect from receiving the signals of the mobile phones then it will not be able to bomb and risk people’s life.

And here this “Desktop High Power Cell Phone Jammer” can be a good choice as this powerful mobile phone jammer is also able to take out when using the rechargeable battery as the power supply and it can block the signals of the 851-894 MHz, 925-960 MHz, 1805-1990 MHz, 2110-2185 MHz with up to 30 meters jamming distance depending on the signal strength in the given area. And as this portable mobile phone jammer is also designed with the car charger so that the portable mobile phone signal blocker can also be applied in the car as well. And in this way it is powerful enough to block the mobile phone signals and then gain the safe condition.

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