And turned door bell

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smile of amusement, swaying about on his horse, and cutting a queer figure in his cloak on his saddle among the hussars, Cossacks, and adjutants. This gentleman wants to see a battle, said Zherkov to Bolkonsky, indicating the auditor, but has begun to feel queer already. Come, leave off, said the auditor, with a beaming smile at once na? ve and cunning, as though he were flattered at being the object of Zherkov's jests, and was purposely trying to seem stupider than he was in reality.

It's very curious, mon Monsieur Prince, said the staff-officer on duty. He vaguely remembered that the title prince was translated in some peculiar way in French, but door bell intercom could not get it Door Bell right. By this time they were all riding up to Tushin's battery, and a ball struck the ground before them. What was that falling? asked the auditor, smiling na? vely. A French pancake, said Zherkov.


That's what they hit you with, then? asked the auditor. How awful! And he seemed to expand all over with enjoyment. He had hardly uttered the words when again there was a sudden terrible whiz, which ended abruptly in a thud into something soft, and flopa Cossack, riding a little behind and to the right of the auditor, dropped from his horse to the ground. Zherkov and the staff-officer bent forward over their saddles and turned door bell