Shaojie Puchi Door Phone Kit

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chinese phone systems invited to dinner. Yang Shaojie doubt, that is what Uncle Sun others do? How do I know! video door entry systems indifferent, after dinner, six elders are gone, this point you can verify the other five elders Well! Xie right. Not to speak of others, Hui Wing Fat said, Monkey did leave with us, and then we returned to their homes and do not know what place he went. Xu Yong Fa say "the other elders have acquiesced, Yang Shaojie raise another what is not good, but he always felt some strange matter. At this time, Dominic sword at his watch and said, already approaching ten o'clock, and we can not wait, I see now the new head of Big Brother start voting now! Good! Xu Yong Fa first nodded in agreement. Dominic sword cleared his throat and said, we freemason elections head Brother, always the most important character and ability, the strength is secondary. In the flood gate, the strongest, when considered Shaojie, and, in order to Shaojie character and ability, it is more than enough to lead our freemason. His remarks, let Yang Shaojie great experience with. He smiled, bowed, said Du t flatter me. Dominic sword point nod, then changed the subject and said, if before the head position of Big Brother, I would not hesitate to choose Shaojie old ride, but now I feel that the other person more qualified to take this position.

Yang Shaojie heard, his smile suddenly froze, freemason each other's backbone is also a cheeky consternation, they want to come, in addition to Yang Shaojie door, then no one else is able to convince the public it. DU t is this is this guy ah? I think that door then no one is more video door entry suitable than Shaojie head brother, right? ! A thirty-something, tall and robust Han speaker asked. This man named Chao and Yang Shaojie relationship always befriend, listen Dominic Swords allowed alternative Yang Shaojie, he was the first one to stand out revolt. Dominic sword seems someone had expected opposition, he chuckled, pointing to line video door entry systems, said, that person is Mr. Xie! What? Chao Yang Shaojie and stunned, shocked others read. After a moment, Chao his back laughing and said, Du Shu, are you kidding? Xie. Mr. Tse is an outsider, we freemason house rules do not allow outsiders to participate, but the election of the head of Big Brother. Dominic Kendo, Runner, Tse may not outsiders, he is the head of the mainland freemason brother, Father Jinpeng gold protégé, On the subject of seniority, are higher than you and me ah! Chao This man impatient impulses, no mind, so a sword by Dominic said that he did not word, and one time I do not know how good rebuttal. Yang Shaojie Puchi smile, long said, may Du t forget, Hong Kong, mainland freemason freemason, and we did not have five years color video door phone of exchanges, although called freemason, but strictly speaking, is two separate gangs, if DU t he just put Tse count as our own people, it is too far-fetched it.

His words, tepid, but a key phrase. Dominic Swords face changed, and was about to speak, Xu Yong Fa interfaces Road, Shaojie, we have said Hong Kong ancestral freemason, freemason same ancestor world, in fact, one, not to mention, on the teachings of our forefathers also mentioned field flood If the brothers come to seek help, we should make every effort, you can not ignore. Are you with us because North freemason five years without contacts, to deny it's not Freemason yet? You do not forget, every freemason summit, the head of the North freemason brother to attend must have! Yang Shaojie face changed, and bow their heads in silence. Xu Yong Fa homeopathic said, I also agree to do what we elect Mr. Xie Hong freemason head brother! Yang Shaojie not give any chance to say, the other three elders have also position, endorsed video door entry systems do head. Listen five elders surprisingly unanimous voice, Yang Shaojie completely understand, certainly invite them to dinner last night, when the opportunity to wow gold buy them, otherwise, their own elders and friendship, it is impossible not selected video door entry systems choose their own . Difficult to suppress the hearts of anger, Yang Shaojie a bite off, outraged, slowly patrol five elder one, then pour voice said, video door entry systems video door phone kit.