Being Fit Does not Mean Hitting Gyms

Thursday, December 19, 2013

There are many people, who think and according to their perception, fitness simply means building bodies. Now, some might have received great results by following this ideology. However, this ideology cannot be considered to be entirely true and honest if you actually want to become fit. There are many people who live in the perception that having a good figure and stout body is following correct fitness regime. For many well known fitness experts maintaining health is all about commitment and following a lifelong bond with the ideology of holistic health.

Being Health Conscious

If you are really into fitness and keeping yourself robust and healthy, then it is necessary that you maintain a healthy way of life. Drinking of alcohols and smoking is a strict no, since such means can act as destroying agents for your body. It is also necessary for you to be health conscious. It is true that you cannot become a health conscious person in an overnight. You need time and determination to evolve yourself as a person who lives by fitness.

There are many physical activities that can help you to get in shape in the correct way, and they are free running, martial arts and strength building. Being fit is not only about hitting the gym every other day of the week. Fitness is more about staying fit and it is essential that you enjoy doing that or else you will soon lack interest in the activities.

Now, it is not entirely true that you require a gym to be fit. To many fitness experts the lack of gym facility to be considered to be the reason of not staying fit is a sort of excuse. According to them a person can sprint at any specific situation. It can be either on a treadmill or simply the streets. The strength building exercises that are considered to be the most important ones for example, sit-ups, push-ups and chin ups can be easily executed anywhere irrespective of the time.

Training Days

Training is a very important aspect of staying fit and robust. You cannot possibly think of staying fit by skipping training and activities. It is really essential that you work out every five days of the week and keep the other two days for weight trainings. Now, many people consider including a number of activities in their fitness regime and they are mainly acrobatics, gymnastics, tricking and street stunts. Such activities are not easy to follow; however, they always yield the best results.

Weight Training

Most of the people think that weight training is about working the upper part of your body. Now, this is the part where these people make the mistake. Lower body building is very necessary as it is the lower portion that supports our body all the time. Without a strong lower portion, it is not possible to have a fit body structure.


It is very necessary that you follow a specific diet plan. Eating at regular intervals will help you to increase your metabolism and this in turn will keep you fit for a long time.

Author’s Bio: James Patrick is profound writer and has proper knowledge about fitness and has written many articles on health, Personal Training Phuket and fitness exercises. His writings always contain authentic information.