30 till I'm 30

Friday, February 01, 2013 • Melbourne, VIC

So I missed last week. Looking back, I am not sure why... but isn't that how it seems? We seem so busy in the moment that we just "can't do that" but in reality, we probably could have if we would have just SLOWED DOWN??? 


I may have mentioned this before, but I have dedicated Friday mornings to me. Yes, me. Sounds selfish, right? I don't think so and I am LOVING my Friday mornings. Now, granted I still have to teach a credit class at Baylor at 655am but that is over before 8am and it doesn't even feel like work. I've started a Pilates class at my church on Friday mornings BUT I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE Pilates and since my schedule cannot accomodate attending group exercise classes for fun, I might as well teach one, right? Ok, so by 9:30am I am in full-fledge me time. Not bad for a momma-wife-full time teacher-part time personal trainer, right? 

This morning, I headed to the local Sbux and enjoyed my protein plate and grande americano. (my go-to drink). I used to have them put in one pump of white mochoa just for pleasure...until i saw what was in that one pump. While I munched on my apple and egg, I read my new IdeaFit Magazine. I am convinced that it is one of the best resources for Fitness Professionals. It was full of summaries of research articles that proves or disproves current myths and trends. I love it!


This month I turn the big 30. I am really anticipating a great birthday and a great coming decade. It seems that my 20's were messy and full of insecurities and uncertainty. I have a little life-experience under my feet and much more confidence in who I am and who I am not. To celebrate this big milestone, I am conquering 30 "tasks" before I turn 30. Some include:

  • a thank you note to someone unthanked
  • cook a new (healthy) recipe for 30 people
  • 30 lengths on Jacob's ladder (a local favorite exercise inducer)
  • 1983 intentional steps - comes out to about 2/3 mile
  • 30 box jumps, jacks, lateral jumps, happy jacks, tuck jumps
  • 30 minutes of sitting in silence

Those are just a few. I love this idea - and maybe you do to. Have you ever tried something like this? Why did you set this goal? Were you successful?