How to keep your feet healthy and fresh

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 • Mt Annan, AU

Feet are among the most complex and important parts of your body, with the largest number of bones and with a very important role they play in the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, as it so often goes, the complexity leads to vulnerability, meaning that there are plenty of problems that you can have with your feet. And even when your feet are perfectly healthy, there are other problems that you can have, such as soreness and the dreaded odor. So, how does one keep their feet healthy and fresh?

1. Have a shoe salesperson measure your feet

You probably had your feet measured some time ago when you were buying some shoes. And you might think that this is it and that your feet will stay the same size for years. For one, this is not true and you might be wearing smaller or bigger shoes without knowing it, which can hurt them. Also, not all shoe manufacturers have the same sizes and it is best to leave it to a professional to tell you what size would fit you.

2. Use antiperspirant

Antiperspirants work on any part of the body, including your shoes. This means that you can use the same antiperspirant that you use under your arm on your feet. Of course, it is always best to go with a spray one or a powder one as you do not want to spend half a day applying stick antiperspirant to your feet. Plus it’s messy.

3. Don’t shave right before a pedicure

The urge to shave one’s legs before going in for a pedicure is a perfectly natural instinct. You worry that your pedicurist might be appalled by the stubble on your ankles and your shins. The reason why shaving right before a pedicure is a bad idea is the fact that you may make small nicks and cuts that you might not even notice but that will be a perfect way for bacteria to enter your ankles and feet.

In addition to this, try and get pedicure appointments as early as possible, preferably the first in the day. They may use antibacterial spray after every customer, but they usually do not clean out the filters and the drains.

4. Visit a podiatrist

If you are experiencing pain in your feet or if you believe that you have any problem of any kind with your feet, see a podiatrist. They will be able to diagnose you in no time and they will know how to help you. They have gone to medical school for that and no amount of over-the-counter, online or non-expert physicians will provide you with even comparable help.

5. Don’t wear flip-flops 24/7

Flip flops are perfectly fine when you go to the beach and spend some time in them. However, they are not meant to be worn 24/7 on concrete and asphalt. They have absolutely no support and they usually have extremely thin soles, which leads to serious impact with the hard surface every time you make a step. You can only imagine how bad this is for your feet.