FORM 101

Friday, May 13, 2011 • McLean, VA 22102



I have been learning so much and picking up more clients, so yes, it's getting that much more exciting and busier (a good thing when you do what you love). As a personal trainer, we pave our way through this world of muscles, breathing, stretching and more importantly, teaching this information to our clients. The most vital and important part of a workout program to me is FORM. There is no point in doing and exercise when you are the slightest bit unsure of your form. Check yourself in the mirror! If in any doubt, please do the right thing and ask a trainer on staff for help with the specific exercise you have chosen. It doesn't have to only be lunges and squats either. Performing basic abdominal cruches if not done properly can hurt your back (always keep your lower back pressed to the mat- no arching!). Remember, you are trying to improve your well-being when you workout, not injure yourself.


Here is a great article on the proper way to perform a lunge:


One of my favorite abdominal exercises below:


Take care of your bodies inside and out!