Get Moving!

Thursday, January 06, 2011 • McLean, VA 22102

Happy 2011 New Year!

I keep hearing and reading about all these new year's resolutions and I am hoping your resolution does include fitness on some level. There is a plethora of new faces at the gym, which leads me to believe that most of us do have that ultimate fitness resolution(s) in gear. The most important thing to keeping yourself in the gym and committing to your lifetime resolution is to create attainable goals and to make it fun so that you are still going to the gym 6 months from now.  Below are 2 great ideas you can use to incorporate excitement into your workout routines:

Reward yourself each month for reaching your desired monthly, weekly or  bi- weekly goal (pounds lost, miles you ran, jeans you wanted to fit into, etc).  For example a great reward would be to set up an appointment for a full body massage (my most favorite reward).

Write new workouts or classes you would like to try in your new 2011 planner. This way it's visibly there and you will get reminded of it each time.  For example, you could decide that this month, you will work on your core, so you would learn new abdominal exercises and sign- up for those ab classes you were always curious to try. Next month you could say you will target arms and take the time to try different classes at your local gym that focus on strength training for your upper body.

Start your food journal- it's amazing how beneficial it is and, yes, although tedious you would be surprised at how well it works to curve your appetite and more importantly, make wiser food selections. 

Set up an appointment with a nutritionist if you are trying to achieve a weight loss goal and/or a personal trainer for a fitness evaluation and perhaps take up some sessions so you can learn new workout routines while using proper form with different exercises.

The most important thing is to make your workouts exciting and create those attainable goals. So, now get up and make a difference in your life. Set up your playlist, start planning and more importantly, start moving!