Website Basics

Friday, October 19, 2012 • Las Vegas, NV 89148

Basic Website Layout

If you’re building your gym website from scratch or if you’re updating your current website, you need to make sure that you have at least the basic pages that everyone looks for:

  • Home – your main landing page with plenty of information on your gym. Make sure that all the basic questions are answered here: where is the gym, when is it open, what does it look like, what features and amenities does it have
  • Tour – Have more in depth information on this page. A video tour of your gym is ideal but if you don’t have  video tour, ensure that there are plenty of pictures on this page
  • Testimonials – You must have a testimonial page. Don’t skip this for any reason
  • Contact Us – Address, phone number, email address, map showing the exact location
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Every time a customer asks a question that isn’t on your website, be sure to add it to this page. The goal is to make the transaction as seamless as possible by eliminating obstacles and concerns before the customer ever arrives for a tour

Rules to Live By

  1. Every page of your website should have a clear call to action. You never know which page of your website that your visitors will land on first so each and every page needs to have your free trial membership form on it.
  2. Every page should be dedicated to one specific thing. For example, if a visitor clicks on a page titled “Recipes,” ensure that the only things on that page are delicious recipes. Leave the workout tips for a “Workout Tips” page.
  3. Accommodate the way that different visitors read. Some people like long format articles, some people like bulleted lists. Make sure to use meaningful headlines and that article and page content matches the headlines.
  4. Text is horrible for selling. Make sure that your pages have plenty of pictures, video, and even audio.