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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Somanabolic muscle Maximizer : Almost every practitioner thought about feeding muscles, to get rid of excess body fat and improve the condition of your muscles.Somanabolic muscle Maximizer, The fat does not produce the protein. It's hard to explain to me that physiologically this substitution is not possible (it's like turning water into wine - the need for this miracle).

Just our body cannot produce proteins from fat, but unfortunately the opposite, i.e., the excess consumed with carbohydrates and fats, proteins, absolutely. Accumulated fat is mostly the role of stored energy, resulting from the excess of ingested food. This tissue can be worn only for energy purposes or to work, i.e. muscle, or to sustain the life processes in terms of hunger.

Adipose tissue can "burn" the muscles to expand, with the help of proper diet and exercise and if it is possible to combine the development of muscle and fat burning? Unfortunately, the vast majority of us do not have such great genetics that would enable it. They have it only in the units, but they do not have to lose weight because their bodies build lean muscle, without a trace of body fat.

The vast majority of human bodies’ strongest anabolic hormone, which is insulin, it can also build muscle tissue and fat. This means that the excess calories, while growing our muscles as well as increase the amount of body fat (in the case of people not exercising your muscles will not grow.)

What happens when we consume as many calories as your body needs to live and to training? Well, then the amount of body fat we will not be increased, but also the muscles will not grow as it runs out of energy.