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Friday, September 06, 2013

As you can see, there 's another good reason to keep it in good condition throughout the year, in order to avoid crash diets to Grow Taller 4 Idiots review of Darwin Smith
According to recent research , it is known that a sufficient amount of certain amino acids may increase the serum levels of IGF- 1

People who took 30 grams a day of Argentina, has come to raise the level of IGF-1. Before , however , Argentina flushing literally, it should be noted that the studies were performed in cooperation with the elderly who IGF- 1 decrease with age.
No experiments that confirm similar results in healthy bodybuilders.
Even if that were the case , it is not easy to get a dose of 30 grams of Argentina only for a few pilyul.Srednyaya tablet or capsule contains 500 mg of Argentina, so I would have to take 60 capsules to get the desired effect

We can only recommend not high doses of amino acids , in particular because the mechanism of action of IGF- 1 today does not really know
The mechanism of action - mixed effects?
IGF- 1 is unique in that it works in skeletal muscle insulin and growth hormone together. Increases protein synthesis and reduce protein degradation . For bodybuilders, the importance of their ability to stimulate DNA and cell reproduction .

According to scientific research , IGF- 1 acts not only on its receptor , but also in the insulin receptor. Studies in rats have shown that injection of IGF- 1 is almost the same effect as oatmeal inzulín.3 Unlike insulin effect on glucose homeostasis Grow up 4 Idiots scam Darwin Smith Visit Related Page Kyle Leon Scam