Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review - Smart Trick to “Slim”

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review : Anyone who is dieting to lose weight knows how difficult it is - not only to lessen the weight on the scales, but not increasing just stop. The good news is that there are a few tricks that can help. Two glasses of water before you eat: this is the latest trick for successful weight loss, which was only announced on Monday at the American Chemical Society and promises to increase weight loss with diet by 30%. The finding comes from a study of the Technological University of Virginia, based on volunteers aged 45 years and evinces even if someone stopped the diet. As said at the conference, A Researcher in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Exercise of the university, the study volunteers that followed a mild weight loss program with a few extra fats and drank two glasses of water before each main meal (even breakfast) lost within 12 weeks 7 pounds. In contrast, another group of volunteers who made the same diet but drank water lost 5 pounds - a difference of nearly 30%. After a time, volunteers who continued to drink two glasses of water before eating them even lost one pound, although they stopped the diet - imagine that and to continue!

This is not unique slimming "trick" that has uncovered medical research. Not long ago, the American Newspaper Daily Mail published some more. To what:

-Replace whole milk with low fat. Not only contain half the calories, and more calcium and phosphorus which stimulate decomposition of fat in body cells.
- Do not strain the fresh fruit juice. The pieces of fruit is fiber, which will make you feel fuller for longer
- To put paprika in your food. It contains abundant vitamin C, which helps the body convert fat into energy.
- Do you eat hot peppers, containing capsaicin (the chemical that gives them their distinct flavor) which increases by 25% in metabolic rate;
- Do you put vinegar in your salads, Contains acetic acid, which speeds up the metabolic rate,
- Eat a little protein as a snack (e.g. a slice of brown bread with a little boiled chicken breast). Studies show that in this way one has 30% more likely to be weakened.
- Do you put soy sauce in your food; Studies suggest that soybean proteins interact with brain receptors that activate satiety hunger.
- Eat melon and then a choker egg (unless there are health reasons to avoid). It's the perfect breakfast for burning fat.
- Drink a glass of red wine a day. Prevents the accumulation of fat, particularly in the abdominal area, thanks to the substance, it contains.
- Eat pomegranates. Containing oils which reduce the body fat storage, it is also so sweet that satisfy the craving for a goody.
- Eat meat grilled, after the first marinate in rosemary or marinade with lemon, garlic and onion. By baking loses many fats, while marinating reduced to 90% harmful toxic substances (called heterocyclic amines) that develops due baking.
- Eat spinach. It contains twice as much fiber than most other green vegetables, leading to satiate better and helps the body process fats more efficiently.
- Change the cheese to eat with late versions. Goat cheese e.g. contains; up to 40% fewer calories than cow.
- Eat a few lentils with your food. If you do it twice a day, you can lose up to 7 pounds in ten weeks, because they contain large amounts of the amino acid, which helps to burn fat.
- Eat "good" fats to burn fat. The fats found in olive oil and nuts are what you need - and also protect heart health.
- Eat breakfast. Those starting their day with a good breakfast, consume on average 100 calories less per day.
- Eat an apple 15 minutes before your meal. Will consume almost 190 calories less with the main meal,
- To put some olive oil in your salad. Contains beneficial fatty inducing a protein, which in turn activates the satiety hunger, so, you eat less.

- To add tomatoes to your sandwich. They will help you feel fuller longer, so that will limit snacking. Tomatoes suppress the hormone, which is responsible for the feeling of hunger.
- Eat pineapple. Not only is it a wonderful snack to boost your metabolism, but it contains substances that help break down proteins.
- Sprinkle yogurt with cinnamon. Studies have shown that cinnamon profoundly stimulates metabolism. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon coffee a day will help you lose a pound a month.
- Drink a daily glass of carrot juice. It will help you to lose 2 pounds in 12 weeks, because it contains plenty of fiber and nutrients that help to burn fat.
- Do not completely avoid red meat (except, of course, and if appropriate health). Red meat contains many proteins that help maintain muscle mass - muscle and burn calories with fourfold speed than what your body fat. Just make sure to be lean and roasted or boiled.
- Drink green tea and coffee. Green tea contains substances that interact with caffeine and a 20% stimulating fat oxidation and metabolism at rest.

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- Exercise early in the morning before eating breakfast to burn fat faster. It will also force your body to use stored body fat as an energy source, thereby slim down faster.
- Make corridor. If you go to the gym, the treadmill is the best machine for many cremations in the shortest time.
- Walk after exercise, to continue to operate the bodily enzymes that break down body fat. Immobility inactivates these enzymes, while the operation of the triggers.
- Exercise with friends. This way you will lose 35% more weight than it would be if you work out on your own. The company is a strong incentive for continued training - and a bit of encouragement we all need to continue.”