Muscle Gaining Secrets - Exercise Helping Gain Muscle

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jason Ferruggia Muscle Gaining Secrets - Some exercises that I recommend performing before the start of your diet is; benching press, pull-downs and squats.

These exercises are great for packing in large amounts of muscle before making the plunge and start cutting fat. This compound exercises, which means that the required movement of more than one joint in the body to complete. Jason Ferruggia Muscle Gaining Training

Among these three exercises that will work almost every muscle in your body. When you feel comfortable performing these great exercises you can start to incorporate cardio vascular exercises. But, I would not recommend doing cardio until you have a solid foundation of muscle mass. Otherwise, you may lose muscle, leading to slower metabolism and weight gain.;

Where have gained significant muscle mass, you must switch tools to reduce excess body fat. To achieve this, you need to eat foods rich in protein, while reducing fat and calorie intake. This can be very difficult. However, these foods should be the same as when you were gaining muscle, foods such as; Tuna salad sandwich on multi-grain bread, eggs, and protein bars, chicken breast, etc. To be successful, you must have the perspective that food is fuel, not for pleasure. After one or two weeks of cutting, you are regularly hungry (because the body will try to maintain your weight) and rather bored with your food choices. Hang in there, because the results will come soon, if you train hard and eat right. Jason Ferruggia Muscle Gaining Tips;

In conclusion, the steps for successful fat loss and lean body mass gain is; Gain muscle with exercise and eating lots of healthy, protein rich then; Continue to exercise and eat lots of protein and calories trimmed, and finally; Increase calories to maintenance level (neutral calorie intake, i.e. no loss or gain) and continue exercising. These steps are very easy to understand but very difficult to perform.