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Wednesday, April 02, 2014
freight price from government to government guidance pricing, tariffs increase flexibility.With the deepening reform of rail freight liberalization and promotion of national policy nike free tr fit 3 mens , more and more companies eager to invest railway. This year in March, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the Xinjiang Hongliuhe to Naomaohu railway project, which is led by the private Guanghui energy that stake up to 82.3%. Last year in June, the formation of Shenhua Group Corporation was established railway package of God, whose main line of the total mileage will reach more than 800 km, accounting for more than half of the total mileage of railways Shenhua. Last year in October, the National Development and Reform Commission approved Shenhua south Dajiawa Railway ("yellow big railway") project from Huanghua, a total length of 223.7 km of the project, the total investment is estimated to be 11.144 billion yuan.Currently, the Shenhua Group in the railway sector, including Qin already have, including God, and God moon, moon yellow, large prospective railway lines, with a total operating more than 1700 kilometers of railway lines, nearly more than 2000 km in the planning and construction of the railway mileage, 2020 will reach more than 4000 kilometers, then, Shenhua Group operating railway mileage will after China Railway Corporation."Quasi-pool rail price liberalization to social capital investment in railway opened to a good start, other railway projects of social capital investment is also expected to learn from the implementation." Wang Meng-shu said, in order to rationalize the price level of the railway from the fundamental, not only the leading private investment project requires release pricing, pricing countries have liberalized railway projects.StrideRailway Investment and Financing Policy brewing perfect matchingRailway Total liabilities more than 3 trillion yuan, but also making 
substantial investments in railway construction annually, to solve the problem does not lie in financing and liability reform rail freight can be solved.Some analysts pointed out that the main problem currently facing the railway is to improve the "blood" capabilities and the introduction of "living water." "Blood", the railway passenger transport has been losing money and need to freight subsidies. Compared to other modes of transport,  nike air presto 4 for sale since the railway freight advantages, high hopes. However, last year China Railway Company after radical organizational reforms implemented rail freight, rail freight does not appear phenomenal growth.Recently, the NDRC website data show that the first two months of this year, the railways, highways, waterways, shipping four modes of transport, rail freight only appeared down. According to statistics, from January to February to complete the whole society 6.82 billion tons of cargo, an increase of 7.5%. Among them, the railroad completed 634 million tons, down 3.1%; highway completed 5.429 billion tons, an increase of 9%; waterway completed 756 million tons, an increase of 6.4%; aviation completion of 810,100 tons, an increase of 5.3%; scale coastal port cargo throughput 1.211 billion tons, an increase of 7%.China Merchants Securities research report shows that China Railway Corporation, asset-liability ratio reached 63%, the annual interest payments of up to 130 billion yuan of scale, by the difficulty of bank borrowings and the issuance of bonds to increase funding, financing costs continue to rise. Industry sources said the railway's own "blood" does not fundamentally solve the fundamental problem of a shortage of funds railways, railway investment and financing channels, poor access, good projects do not go out of railway investment, foreign capital project money to enter, to diversify, multi-channel investment and financing reform is urgently needed.In fact, 
because the profit-driven capital, social capital at this stage to enter the field of transport infrastructure alone can not solve the problem of lack of funds for construction, can further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transport infrastructure investment. However, social capital into the railway transport sector still faces some obstacles.National Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the foundation of any Rainbow Division in the internal meeting said that from the external environment, social capital into transportation infrastructure systems, legal, environmental and so urgent improvement of standards; from the traffic itself, due to its special assets, natural monopoly capital-intensive features prominent, it is difficult to gain social investors with clear expectations, which is the world capital of introducing a common problem faced by society in the field of transport infrastructure.According to the "Economic Information Daily" reporter, currently being NDRC utilization of transport infrastructure of social capital research, market research and deliberation in terms of operating environment, administrative system, entry and exit, policy and legal environment, financial institutions, etc. Relevant policies.Ren Hong said that to strengthen the social capital of public service obligations to provide system design, because the public nature of the transport infrastructure has to be involved in social capital transportation infrastructure lifecycle management oversight; in order to make social capital into relevant policy areas with traffic operability, but also to strengthen the nike free powerlines 2 uk social credit system construction. In addition, infrastructure construction, public services and transport infrastructure concession use of social capital issues, but also on the social capital involved in transport from the fundamental solution to legislate