Get your Party rocking Celeb style!

Friday, January 24, 2014

To get your special party rocking, celebrity style, right into the night, have you considered the fun that can be had with photo booths? To add some real sparkle to the occasion and create a night to never forget, let’s have a look at what’s been happening in these machines to cause the massive surge in popularity of them in recent years.



Basically, in photo booths anything goes! You are behind the curtain, in your own world alone, or indeed with your friends, it doesn’t matter really does it! So, let’s see what’s on the public record shall we by listing our infamous top 10 of the celebrity photo opportunities and events that have been enjoyed in these seemingly innocent looking devices:


1. Fred Astaire famously danced in one, in the 1953 film Bandwagon, with Cyd Charisse, he dances in, sits for a photo flash and dances out again – all perfectly in time to the music as was his talent!

2. Andy Warhol managed to turn them into a huge business during the late 50’s and 60’s. He understood that they were a relatively cheap and affordable camera that gave people what they wanted – both the famous and not so famous.

3. Many famous women have stripped off in them.

4. Many others have bared their bum in them!

5. Many famous men have removed their tie in them!

6. Thousands of newlyweds have enjoyed amorous moments within their curtained privacy.

7. Woolworths in the U.S became very worried when complaints about women stripping off in them were received in their stores across America.

8. Woolworths became even more concerned when couples became romantically adventurous in them, finally being forced to remove all their curtains to discourage further amorous photo opportunities in their stores!

9. Esquire magazine, in 1957, erected an Art Deco booth in Richards Avedons studio. A series of celebrities were captured often ‘in cognito’ such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote and Ethel Merman – a stunning photomatic essay, of the day, now saved for all time for all of us to see and admire.

10. Your party - you and your guests all together - what will you be getting up to?


Photo booths, they’re a must have!


Now we have seen what famous, and not so famous, people have been getting up to in their photo booths through the ages -  what about you? Are you looking to get in on some of the action too? Would your guests truly love the opportunity to make complete fools of themselves and have that all recorded for posterity so that their friends and family can laugh at them all, together, down through the ages?


If your answers to these questions are Yes and Yes then you most surely should look seriously into photo booth rental – London, Essex or further afield, King Of The Booth have it all covered and would love to really set your party alight!


For a sizzling, fun filled event, you must check out what you are missing, we guarantee that you won’t regret it!


Happy Photo Ops!