All that was required of me

Thursday, June 20, 2013

To help myself study, I made flash cards that fit perfectly on the large metal dishwasher. After I loaded the racks, I stood there and flipped cards, learning the makeup of atoms while water and steam broke them down all around me. I learned how to make y equal to z while placing dishes in stacks. My wrinkled fingers flipped many a card, and many times my tired brain drifted prada handbags sale off, and a glass would crash to the floor. My grades went up and down. It was the hardest work I had ever done. Just when I thought the bottom was going to drop out of my college career, an angel appeared. Well, one of those that are on earth, without wings. I heard that you need some help, he said. What do you mean? I asked, trying to figure out which area of my life he meant.

 Financially, to stay in school. Well, I make it okay. I just have trouble working all these hours and finding time to study. Well, I think I have a way to help you out. He went on to explain that his grandparents needed help on the weekends. All that was required of me was cooking meals and helping them get in and out of bed in the morning and evening. The job paid four hundred prada handbags uk was enough to cover school and books, but not enough for room and board. I accepted a job as part of a work-study program. While not glamorous, it was one I could do. I washed dishes in the school cafeteria.