I will keep my smile

Friday, June 28, 2013

 Sometimes I really do not know how to do it, and finally I decided to leave. whenPrada Trainers I told Feng, Feng said that none of my business, and between man and love, he chose the man. I know, although he said, and my heart is still very hard to accept. So I double good, good to the outsider we like couple. With him in spite of the many grievances, but at least you can see his smile. until one day, he said like me. Heard these words, my mind went blank, at a loss. I do not know why I did not accept his proposal, even though I liked him very much. day later, we still, as before, together to play everywhere. 18 years old my birthday that day, I do not know the circumstances, maple suddenly appeared in front of my house.

 To see him the moment, there is an urge to cry, because the big boy, in addition to my family, no one remembered my Prada Handbags UK cake, our bedroom also ran along for the ride. But do not know why, I could not eat sour heart, my face is still a brilliant smile. remember he said, like to see me smiling. So, anyway I will keep my smile. ultimately, Fen did not agree to maple. I asked her: I had to understand that moment, she is like him, just because I, she thought I like him. I explained to her, but she does not seem to believe me. maple very sad. Each time you look hard for him to look, I will be very upset, and feel very guilty.