"The mechanism better, you need to implement '

Friday, July 26, 2013


Director-General of prisons need to develop other police our own wisdom, Meeran Borwankar, Gps signal jammer, Maharashtra State Prison Department, told simitanaier.

Taloja found a prisoner inside the prison plan of attack with weapons, what are your views on this?

This is an exception. We take from the CID, Crime Bureau and the Intelligence Agency's recommendations. In this case, Mumbai and Mumbai Crime Branch had not expected. Tell us about it, you need to have an internal, independent system of intelligence gathering and sharing among prisons.

Within the national prison security protocol is a need to change?

Existing mechanisms do not require too great a change, achieving the ideal. Devendra Jagtap has two check-which should have been checked at the main entrance, he immediately entered the prison, the second time, when he entered the high-security zone, even a circle. They did not take place.

Closed-circuit television, phone shielding devices and metal detectors going?

Previously, handheld detector uses. Now, we have introduced metal detector frames. High-security prisons, including Taloja, Lord of the yaselu and installed closed-circuit television. One cell phone jammer be installed on Arthur but failed and has been deleted. Taloja, we will launch 10 Jammer.

What about overcrowded?

At present, we are understaffed, 15% vacancies in cross-State prison. We can handle much better prison 100% human resources and is waiting for more sanctions from the State.

You want to deploy from the prison escort?

It was suggested by the DGP. I agree with his Nexus is the development of access to the prisoners and the police. While no other State prison officials escorted the prisoner, but as an experiment, we may in Satara prison escort, redeploying staff.