a true wellness leap

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 • Melbourne, VIC

I made the leap. That leap from leaving what is unhealthy to what is healthy.


My unhealthy was cramming 4 college courses (Physics, Anatomy&Physiology, Chemistry, and Human Grown & Development), teaching 5 college courses, and being a full time mom and wife. Yes, what was I thinking?


My healthy is now only taking 1 college course, still teaching my classes, being a fully present mom and wife, and taking care of myself. I feel so.much.better! It's amazing what we will try to do when we have the mentality that we can do anything we put our mind to. Yes, it may be anything but not EVERYTHING!


My new healthy habits that I am incorporating into my lifestyle are:

  • cardio 5x/week
  • strength training 2x/week
  • journaling 3x/week
  • sitting still for at least 15 minutes everyday

I am thrilled to be practicing a more wellbalanced life and in these new days of wellness, I have discovered it is just that: practice. Some days I am better in the wellbalanced life and some days I still try to load my to-do list with things that can wait.I know that in time, I will become better at being healthy and truly reflect what I am most passionate about.