Be Full Of It

Thursday, May 09, 2013 • Atlanta, GA 30312

TEAM MOTIVATION: If this mind of mine is to be used at all, let it not be used for empty shells, hollowed thoughts, recycled attitudes, unstable and unsuitable, spaces. However let this vessel of heart and mind be full of light, be full of hope, be full of courage, be full of imagination, be full of joy, be full of peace, be full of forgiveness, be full of creativity, be full of endurance, be full of LOVE, full of strength, be full of TRUTH, be full of GOOD Things. 

SAY: I am full of GOOD THINGS. (rinse, wash, repeat)

Keep Growing forward. Fill your mind with good things. Here is a line in your story. It READS: "One day there was a great flood. It's washed away all shallow waters, distorted figures, negative thoughts, and it cleared the path towards a NEW way of thinking." 

There are numerous ideas, thoughts and images that occur along the day, however, have the courage to "REJECT" those images that don't reflect the GOOD in you. Become a GOOD of yourself. I believe in YOU.