Don't Get Too Winded

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 • Atlanta, GA 30312

STAMINA - What cloth are you cut from ?
Stāmen – is the Latin word meaning Thread – as in the Threads that spin life.

The moment I discovered this word and it’s meaning – I received with it a mental picture of THREADS that when spun together weaves the cloth that is life. STAMINA – has its root in that word and means to have ENDURING ENERGY.

I have always been of the opinion that STAMINA is not about being big and physically powerful alone. It’s a state of mind that says – “I am not prepared to even consider quitting as an option.

ENDURING ENERGY – This is mental fuel for driving determination. One more set of MENTAL PUSH-UPS will get us into shape, Being in shape will take us to the next level, because we are not built to settle for mediocre. The best is the desired option because it is the maker of a kind of difference that is significant. 

That quality is EXPENSIVE THREAD from a rare source deep within a person with true passion to succeed. If we clothe our focused mindset with the fabric made of such a thread- it will be heat resistant, weatherproof, watertight, and will not shrink when stressed.

STAMINA of that kind will never wear out. 
(c) Valerie M. Bailey - 5 February 2013