No secrets to success

Monday, February 04, 2013 • Atlanta, GA 30312

4 Fundamental Laws of Success:


1. Your Philosophy:
a. Think, process and develop your own 
b. Don’t play the blame game. 
c. The one constant is YOU. 
d. “ A few errors in judgment repeated every day = Failure while, a few simple disciplines practiced every day = success” 

2. Your Attitude: We are what we feel. 
a. About the past 
b. About the future 
c. About everyone else 
d. About ourselves. 

3. Your Activity:
a. Do what you can and do the Best you can 
b. Be disciplined 
c. Take action 

4. Your Results: 
a. Fashion the “GOOD LIFE” 
b. Study and practice 
c. Don’t be last with learning and evolving 
d. Become the higher thinking person 
e. Practice the lifestyle of Riches and living well. 

Jim Rohn Excerpt.....