Wednesday, March 06, 2013 • Atlanta, GA 30312

On a personal note -  I stopped by my church today to pickup some things for my 6 month old, Ella Louise at the community services department.  So, I decided to stick around and asked to help out.  It was moving to spend time just helping others outside of the training environment.  Now, I have volunteered many times in the past, but this was different.  I actually paid attention to others, folks picking up clothes, food and such.


There are so many people in need, some who were there for a hot meal, something we can take for granted.  I looked up and realized an hour plus had went by, there are things in our lives where we say "that is time wasted I will never get back".  Well, that was cherised time.


I enjoy volunteering my time, especially when it comes to fitness and health, but this was special, mostly humbling because our time is precious, if we have, then we are called/charged to give to those in need.


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