Kyle Leon Scam By Customized Fat Loss – Dietary method to get rid of 3 - 5 kg

Friday, September 20, 2013

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review  The diet is desirable hard as below the example is given:

•    1.5 kg of vegetable salad with vegetable oil (less is better).
•    1 kg of cooked lean meat.
•    1 kg of vegetable salad, 0.5 kg of low-fat cottage cheese.
•    1.5 kg of dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt), 1.5% fat content.
•    1 kg of fruit salad, 0.5 kg of low-fat cottage cheese.
•    2 kg of fruit (exception - bananas, persimmons, kiwi).
•    1 kg of boiled river fish, 1 kg of salad vegetables.

This New Year's diet will help this week to get rid of 3 - 5 kg, before the holiday - at the time.

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