Just Beachy

Tuesday, June 07, 2011 • Chicago, IL 60657

Trying to decide the best way to stride on sand? Follow these pointers for a shore thing.


Barefoot or Sneakers?

Barefoot -- you'll land on your forefoot rather than your heel, with less jolt to your body. But go easy, as the sudden switch to bare feet and a new technique may up your chnace of injury. 

Sneakers -- Wearing sneaks isn't any more beneificial for running in sand than bare feet. But they'll spare your soles from scrapes and give them a cushier ride.


Loose Sand or Hard-packed Shorline?

Loose sand -- You'll burn 20 to 60 percent more calories; leg muscles have to work harder to stabilize and dig your feet out for the next step.

Shorline -- You won't ge tteh same calorie boost, but striding on a more level surface, similar to running on dirt, is still gentler on joints than pounding pavement.


Go for Distance or Time?

Distance -- Sand causes you to slow your pace, so expect it to take your longer to hit that mile.

Time -- If you stick with yoru usual duration and choose loose sand, prepare to huff an dpuff a little harder because you're torching more calories each minute.