Low Calorie Lemonades at Trader Joe's

Monday, May 16, 2011 • Chicago, IL 60657

Made with Organic Ingredients -- only 40 calories!!


lemonade is definitely one of our favorite thirst quenchers. As much as we love it, though,we don't always want all the sugar and calories that go along with it. So Trader Joe's quest became developing low calorie alternatives that didn't have artificial sweeteners. It was a long road, fraught with not-so-great-tasting potholes along the way. In the end, this was a big worth traveling, because it resulted in Trader Joe's low Calorie Lemonade and Low Calorie Pink Lemonade. 


Both of these refreshing drinks are made with organic ingredients, including organic lemon juice and organic cane sugar. They found just the right balance of sugar and stevia extract -- a natural, calorie-free sweetener -- to keep the tart-sweet ratio to our liking, while reducing the calorie count to a mere 40 calories in each eight ounce serving. In other words, it tastes like good leonade should, without so much sugar, i.e., fewer calories. It's also a sweet deal, at $2.69 for each 64 ounce recyclable plastic bottle. You'll find Trader Joe's Low Calorie Lemonades on the shelves with their other bottled juices and teas.