The Symptoms Of Bad Organ Transplant

Friday, January 24, 2014
The symptoms that warn the layman
- Victim suddenly overwhelmed by a very sharp pain in the testicle or lower abdomen, small children may complain of pain in the ball of colic ovate character.

- Small patient cannot sleep because of the pain, and in some cases even move (walk) and it is often difficult to even stand.

- Testis is like pulled towards the abdomen (doctors call this "high testicle").
- A conspicuous symptom, usually occurring at an advanced stage, it is significant swelling and redness of the affected area. - Are added to the pain of high temperature.
- Pain can cause nausea and vomiting up.

- Some children urinate more frequently, or help, even if it is in their case is not typical.
Early intervention decisions!

If you suspect this acute condition, it is absolutely necessary to rush to children's surgical clinic, if the condition does not resolve in 4-6 hours, leads to irreversible damage of the testis. Little unfortunate in this case certainly nuclei date food (as indeed in all the episodes of acute abdominal) or drinking.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it will require surgery.
 Doctor testicle twists back and sutured to the inner wall of the scrotum that the state could not be repeated. In the worst case, he will have already necrotic testicle removed. If a little uncomfortable, you can route the affected area to cool the doctors.