Jo Milk for Healthy life

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Let's drink .. drink .. drink drink drink milk today. Do not slop it on drinking and drinking a lot healthier."
would persuade a friendly love to eat milk. To health care at Milk Joe. match Tanao Rd. dairy Joe, this is the second branch. That qualified Committee. Violationin ray or Joe. their respective owners. Formula milk and the delicious cool of Joe. Joe is a former dairy small carriage shop. But when sales increase. Each row is also widening the air. A table to cool moist. view my blog details here joey atlas scam

And when it comes to shop. What is the name of the menu to do that is the milk tasted this meal we order cold milk red pearl (£ 16) is a 100% authentic, fresh cow health juice rubbed remove the red And put pearls directly from Taiwan. Send to a suckling mouth. Experience the delicious flavor of fresh milk. It was sweet and refreshing. I bounced sticky sticky pearls, soft chew in the mouth. drinking plain milk. If the stomach is not good to eat the bread together. Go to order bread custard steam. (25 baht 30 baht), with a viscosity of fluffy steamed buns. When you tap the dip with hot custard, pour the milk to taste sweet, do not tell anyone. Not only to have butter toast Pages milk (£ 6) and butter, chocolate (6) at the outside of the meat, toast. In the soft flesh. , after dealing with milk and bread gone. Remaining in the stomach area. It took the view that there is a local restaurant to eat hard again. At as friendly joke. (25 baht to 30 baht per egg) looks like a joke but it generally has a spoon then. Be seen in both the pig and held prior to Joke Shop is a Veteran. Pork is seen to be weak. When the mouth is crunchy chew to pieces. The taste is mellow and soft palate. Joker, this one gets to know that. The stomach and was delicious. I enjoy oral administration management teeth. With the soft pork with full meal off with a dry noodle salad. And Thailand. (30) face dry noodles salad bowl this A separate neighbor whole flavoring pepper peanut CHILLI PICKLE cut lemon lentils and sugar. Which, when mixed together, then. A mellow sweet taste of sugar. The key to this dish is different from other shops. Put it straight in the gut to the liver as well. When you do it .. he interchangeably together , but if you eat it. There are also other menus. Another delicious choice. Such as noodles Luis garden (30 baht). dumplings. (20. S). Hgmb๊a cold bread. ($ 20) includes a variety of hot drinks, cold drinks. But I want to be.


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