Tuesday, December 21, 2010 • Karachi 74500, PK
Many marketing strategies are only dependent on the exploitation of feelings and emotions and therefore able to sell their product. The people on the other hand are equally responsible when they blindly fall for buying their story. The truth is everyone wants a short cut to achieve a certain goal, weather its business or looking like an athlete or a fitness icon. Getting in shape is easy only if you know the facts. Some of the simple facts about fitness are as follows; Abdominal Exercises are not going to burn and reduce fat from the belly, its just going to improve muscular fitness of these muscles. The energy used to do these exercises can play a part in reducing fat but not particularly from that region. Likewise, spot reduction of fat does not exist. You loose fat only where your body chooses from, you can not focus to loose it from a specific area like arms, shoulders, thighs, butts etc. However, exercises of particular areas will only improve its muscular fitness and shape. Weight training is not for females! Absolutely incorrect, as a matter of fact females can reap benefits like improved metabolism, bone density and more or maintained muscle mass that tend to decrease with age. Starving can make you skinny, perhaps it will but you will increase your risk to become malnourished and prone to some severe health conditions. For more information stay tuned or email me if you have any queries.