AC Milan sign Japan's core four years I promised new teammates chanted: Welcome to join

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just this morning, AC Milan [microblogging] officially announced the Italian international Polly joined, in fact, this is already finalized the transfer, cheap jerseys and now AC Milan have a deal has been identified as "slow motion" by said, "Keisuke Honda can actually be said to be a player of AC Milan."

In Galliani, Burundi Vanzetti and Keisuke Honda after meeting his brother for "slow motion" confirmed that the two sides have agreed, this will be the Japanese players in January with CSKA Moscow after the contract expires free to join AC Milan , Keisuke Honda's annual salary of 2.5 million euros, with AC Milan,AC Milan jersey he will sign a four-year contract, but Keisuke Honda I have said "Yes", promised to join AC Milan. "Slow motion" also said that AC Milan have not given up this summer in advance of the possibility of buying Keisuke Honda.

Sky Sports also revealed that "the two sides met Keisuke Honda confirmed in January 2014 will be free to join, Real Madrid jersey but if some people sell AC Milan or CSKA Moscow players lower price, then Keisuke Honda is also likely this summer directly transfer to join AC Milan. "Keisuke Honda has been determined to join, Galliani also explicitly said:" I am very much looking forward Keisuke Honda in January's arrival, he would immediately put AC Milan jersey? I think it might still be In January, in any case in January certainly will this summer the possibility of joining? This I do not know, look at the situation now. "

According to AC Milan's transfer policy this year, the couple bought the premise that someone leave. That is, if you want to join immediately Keisuke Honda, inevitably leave someone in Robinho [microblogging] stay with the team almost a foregone conclusion in the case, who was let out Keisuke Honda position caused the Italian media speculation. Italy Transfers expert Royce "slow motion" program, said: "If someone sold Keisuke Honda will soon be able to join, or we need to wait until January, he is a great player, AC Milan will be very big help. "

According to the "slow motion," said Boateng is moving away from AC Milan. Although he has not been put on the market, did not receive the offer, but once there is an important quote, AC Milan will meet with the players talk. If you sell Boateng, Keisuke Honda is likely in the summer immediately went to AC Milan. In addition, the media have reported that Arsenal [microblogging] intends Abarth AC Milan player, this may be another possibility of leaving the team.

Keisuke Honda's strength is beyond any doubt, currently playing for CSKA Moscow CSKA last season he played 25 times, scoring eight goals at the same time sent out six assists. In Japan national team, Keisuke Honda is also indispensable key players, with Shinji Kagawa of Japan's attack constitutes a dual-core, in the just-concluded Confederations Cup in Brazil, with Italy in Keisuke Honda scored a penalty in the game, and the repeated use of a free kick threat. Keisuke Honda has attained the age of 27 years old, battles in Europe for many years and has extensive experience in international competition. Italian media that Honda Keisuke You Jia League AC Milan will become the new offensive commander.

AC Milan's players are jumping on the upcoming new teammates welcomed. Abbiati, said in an interview: "Welcome as a player Keisuke Honda to join." Bonera also told a news conference: "Keisuke Honda is a very good player, I'm glad he could join AC Milan. "