Juve ten million offer two for a flying winger will leave only choose Pa AC Milan Inter Milan

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Through July 29 at the draw ceremony held in Milan, Serie A Fixtures opportunity Juventus [microblogging] and Naples to discuss matters relating to the transfer of Zuniga. Naples has always been on the warpath since, this consultation is still fruitless.

"Gazzetta dello Sport" that in order to impress Napoli, Juventus to offer increased to 700-800 million euros, cheap soccer jerseys and is willing to join in the transaction Detcherry columns and Ziegler. But the "Turin Sports Daily," said Naples requirements remains high, they want to get in addition to Matri, but also unexpectedly mentioned Uruguay defender Caceres, but Conti did not let their love will leave . "Sky Sports", it means that Zuniga Naples decided to stay because they did not negotiate in good faith. Faced with a difficult situation, Marotta frustration after the draw ceremony, said: "I have to say that we have a good relationship with Naples, Zuniga is not the transfer market, so the need to respect Naples." DeLaurentis is categorically stated: "Zuniga Juventus? Do not."

Napoli sporting director than the tribute which said: "Zuniga is not in the transfer market, he received a contract proposal, we can consider whether to accept the past we have had players contract about to expire, we still battle with the whole season and many boos against him makes me feel sorry that he should not get them in the transfer market, Barcelona jersey there are always rumors, each player will be reflected after hearing these we put Zuniga as this family part of the season as well. Napoli player was playing for the win, Zuniga is the case. " Napoli's new coach Rafael Benitez also praised Zuniga:. "He is our player, I will continue to trust him."

Despite this order Juventus fans unhappy things, the transfer experts Dumas economic Austria believes that Juventus will not give Zuniga: "Juventus will continue efforts to the last day, as it has been with Zuniga reached an agreement to join next season. Marotta not want to answer the question about Zuniga, in our opinion talks will continue. Manchester United jersey Naples has the right to maintain a tough stance, they do not want to go Zuniga, even if the contract is about to expire also would trust him. " "Sky Sports" said Zuniga met with the coach after the game and executives require to get rid of the present situation, or let him move either gives better conditions for renewal. "Gazzetta dello Sport," said Naples Zuniga out to a four-year, annual salary of € 1.2 million contract extension, but this is totally unacceptable conditions for Zuniga, Juventus are still expected to introduce this in the summer players.

Cleaning up front, the "slow motion" reported La Liga [microblogging] Valencia [microblogging] also chasing Quagliarella. Team in the Soldado [microblogging] sell Tottenham Hotspur [microblogging] Thereafter, at least be able to get 30 million euros, so the money will be used to introduce Quagliarella . "All Juve" deputy editor Pavan said: "After the sell Soldado, Valencia's primary goal is to Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] Hernandez, then Quagliarella . Compared with Norwich, Valencia completely dominated: with the sea, a beautiful city, the stadium hot. Moreover Valencia ranked fifth last season, there is hope even reached the Champions League, Europa League will accomplish much. Besides Juventus Valencia to reach the valuation given 800-1000 million euros, but also to meet Quagliarella wage demands. "

As for Matri and Vucinic, Pavan said: "Matri rejected Naples, if only to leave Juventus after coming off the bench, he will not leave. Martial Cheenitch broker is repeated said that if left Juventus, AC Milan could only go [microblogging] or Inter Milan [microblogging]. Zenit St Petersburg are also possible destinations, they start badly needed savior Vucinic would be the right person , but they were able to give 15 million euros, but Juventus will carefully consider, if Vucinic leave, then they must ready replacements. "