Manchester United 3 degrees offer small law! Hit 35 million! Record transfer fee record in team history

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3500 pounds Can Fabregas brought Manchester United?
Beijing July 31, according to "Daily Mail" reported that Manchester United [microblogging] [microblogging] to prepare for the introduction of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona [microblogging] proposed third quote amounting to 35 million pounds floating charge. This offer is worth breaking the highest record of Manchester United signings: 2008, cheap soccer jerseys Manchester United from Tottenham [microblogging] introduced Berbatov, offer £ 30.75 million and the final sale.

Since Tiago was Bayern [microblogging] [microblogging] HU cut after the signings Fabregas David Moyes has been a primary goal.Barcelona jersey In order to introduce Fabregas, English Premier League champions Manchester United and Barcelona have been entangled for a few weeks, twice to the Spanish giants offer £ 26 million and £ 30 million, Barca are to be rejected.

Currently, in the club, insists Fabregas Barca Foreign will not be sold. Since the club team coach Martino claims already rejected twice, then inevitably there will guess the third time. But from the players, Manchester United seem to be able to see the signings turn. Fabregas broke the news to the media friends said if not reused in Barcelona,Manchester United jersey will consider the possibility of joining Manchester United.

Fabregas and Manchester United rumors began in mid-May: "London Evening Standard" The first burst of Manchester United intend to introduce small method, but in June to prepare the introduction of Manchester United turn to shine in the European Youth Cup Barcelona teenager Tia Ge. July 15, Bayern announced the signing of Tiago after Manchester United then came the offer of a small law, Manchester United's official website has also been confirmed. Since the half time, a lot of rumors about Manchester United, but a small law are inseparable.

However, in view of the current tough stance Barcelona, media analysis if a small law this road leads nowhere, Manchester United will be introduced Fellaini with Modric as a substitute.