Reserved for unnamed teenager Kaka Real Madrid jersey No. 8 K8 want to go have to go now

Monday, July 08, 2013

Real Madrid teenager Erie Yarra Mendy reserved number is currently worn by Kaka 8
There are two new players have joined Isco and 卡尔瓦哈尔 finished at Real Madrid debut,cheap jerseys the new season they will be dressed in the 23rd and the 15th jersey La Liga campaign. According to "Marca" reported that Real Madrid also joined the Royal Society for the upcoming midfielder Ely Yarra Mendy ready jersey number, this number is Kaka is currently back on the 8th.

"Marca" said the Real Madrid is working with the Royal Society for the Queen Yarra Mendy transfer negotiations will soon have the final result. This name after Ancelotti nod teenager in Italy Marshal's plan sequences ranking is more forward than Kaka,AC Milan jersey Real Madrid Kaka ready to set aside a No. 8 jersey to Erie Yarra Mendy.

Monday's "Marca" used a version of the forum to introduce the current situation at Real Madrid Kaka, Real Madrid jersey the newspaper pointed out that Real Madrid Kaka is difficult to go in the future main battle to stay in Madrid only to make his World Cup dream farther. Floro familiar with his reporter revealed that Kaka's own wishes or prefer to stay in Europe, but his 10 million annual salary is impeding him to join the other team's biggest obstacle. Kaka had hoped late in his career to the U.S. major league, now, his plan had earlier, but once he was taking this step also means that Kaka's World Cup dream basic report broken.