Tuesday, June 11, 2013 • Mesquite, TX 75150

 We need to bust myths because of all the noise and confusion of what is good or bad for you. Here are my top 3.

1. Energy drinks are less harmful than soda- A 16-ounce can of Red Bull or Monster delivers as much as 280 calories of pure sugar, which is about 80 calories more than you’d find in a 16-ounce cup of Pepsi. Wow.

2. Diet soda is harmless- Do we really believe this to be true anymore? Artificial sweeteners used in diet soda—aspartame and sucralose, for instance can lead to hard-to-control food urges later in the day. To back this up a University of Texas study found that people who consume just three diet sodas per week were more than 40 percent more likely to be obese. Bad news.

3. Foods labeled “natural” are healthier- The Food and Drug Administration makes no serious effort to control the use of the food "natural". Case in point 7UP boasts that it’s made with “100% Natural Flavors” when, in fact, the soda is sweetened with a decidedly un-natural dose of high fructose corn syrup. “Corn” is natural, but “high fructose corn or HFS which is made by a series of chemical reactions. Not too natural, correct.

As always be careful and your waistline will thank you.